Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week 9

My most Darling Family... Mommy, Daddy, J, Maddle, Sam, Brent, Joshie, Noser, Lijah, Mals, Tbonus, Canman, rummy, chorlotte, and rapunzel.... [FYI Maddie's unborn baby is Rapunzel]

And wonderful sweet grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, amigas, kam, paigeroo, and everyone else who may read this..

I love you all so stinking much!!!!! Thank you thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. I miss and love you guys with all of my heart. I have been spoiled with the grandest family and friends in all the world. How is a girl to be so lucky? I love yall.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when people ask to see my family picture. Sometimes I even ask them if they want to see it first. I like to see their reaction when I say Somos diez, we are 10. Then I whip out my picture and watch as they first try to find me (people cant tell who I am cause in our fam picture I’m kinda cute, but here I don’t really look the same cause I’m always wearing glasses, never wearing make up and my hairs different.) So once I finally get them to believe that its me and we get past the if you look like that in real life why are you on a mission questions".... I point out each and every one of my family members, their names, ages, interesting facts and everything else I feel like sharing. It’s the best! Its probably more then they ever wanted to know, but if you know my family, then you know me and hopefully if you know me, you'll know the Savior also. I think about my family a lot. I miss you guys and am firmly convinced that I was blessed with the most incredible, adorable, talented, loving, did I mention good looking? family in eternity. I think about my brothers especially a lot because there are a lot of little boys here in Costa Rica. So far I have found at least 1 member or investigator to represent every one of my brothers.
Josh your investigator is Hans. he is 16 and pretty cool. he does his hair like you and talks like you, but it in Spanish so only kind of. he’s really smart too and all the girls like him.
Noah your twin is named oliden. He is exactly like you! he’s very sweet and helpful with his little bothers and loves them so much, almost to death. (the other day he grabbed me in a huge hug and kissed my cheek!!! even though that’s way against mission rules.... haha)
Lijah yours in an investigators named Minor. he’s the little brother of Maria. he’s super into sports and especially likes soccer. he likes to hang out with his friends and does cool handshakes with me.
Malachi yours is also an investigator, his name is moises (moses in Spanish). You’re both named after prophets who start with m! he likes to play ball and run a lot. he’s 8 years old and has huge brown eyes and curly hair.
Talmage yours is a recent convert. his name is Kendall. he is absolutely adorable! he’s a little bit older then you but he’s about the same height aka short haha. he’s super fragile but also super sweet. he looks up to his older brother and says the sweetest prayer I’ve ever heard.
canman yours is an investigator too. I’ll be honest, I don’t actually know his name because everyone just calls him Gordo haha.hes so so cute!! with huge sparkly eyes. he likes to sing the hymns with us even though he doesn’t know the words. he’s also 5 years old like you!
Hyrum you have a Costa Rican twin! he is a couple months younger then you and slightly less adorable, but I’m biased. He is the nephew of oliden. I cant remember his name either because we just call him guapo... he so sweet! learning to wave and stand. being at his house and playing with him make me miss you so much!

The children here are seriously beautiful!!! If I could I would adopt them all! they’re all very sweet and respectful but also silly and funny. they have gigantic eyes (like Kugath baby eyes!) with those long long lashes, beautiful curly hair and chubby cheeks. the freaking 3 year olds are prettier then me! and don’t even get me started on the adults..... of course id come to the one place in the world where everyone, and I kid you not I mean EVERYONE, has beautiful, wavy, long long long black hair..... *cry* I will not covet I will not covet. so difficult. Another funny thing the do though is all the women always wear super, super high heels! like crazzzy high. I’m like, honey, we're living on a mountain, in the middle of a jungle.. I enjoy me some heels but here? now?? It’s just funny.

I feel like I haven’t told you guys anything about my life here! let me give you just a quick run down... every morning I wake up at 6:30 and work out for like 30 minutes. then my companion and I switch off taking turns showering and eating breakfast. (you guys would be so proud of me. I shower dang fast, throw on some mascara and clothing and can be ready in like 30 minutes flat. I know what you’re thinking, the gospel changes people... its true haha). For breakfast i usually scramble some eggs or have cereal. Then we have personal study for an hour *I usually read my book of Mormon, we have a goal to read the whole thing before Christmas as a mission and my one page a day (family are you keeping up?? day 62 I believe...)* then we have companionship study where we share what we learned, study the missionary handbook and plan our lessons for the day. Another hour of study follows this where we practice the basics of being a missionary i.e. baptism invitation, how to contact, etc. this is called '12 weeks"because its suppose to be only the first 12 weeks, but president has us study it every day. then I get a whole hour of language study. I read, write and speak Spanish during this hour but also help my companion to learn English. I love this hour!! It’s practically the only hour of the day when I understand Spanish... (jk I’m getting better, more about that later). then after study we go to our cocinaras casa. she cooks us lunch every day and I continue to study while we eat, by this time its about 1 in the afternoon.

The house I live in is a lot like the house, well shack, that I lived in in west Yellowstone (for those of you who remember those dark days of my life.......) but its better! I still only have a mini fridge and stovetop thingy but now I have a kitchen sink! Oh the blessing of a kitchen sink!!! It’s bigger then my WY house too so really it’s about perfect for 2 hermanas who are hardly ever there.

For the rest of the day after study and lunch were out in the streets contacting, teaching lessons to investigators or menos activos, or having meetings or FHE's with members. This is the hardest part of the day because it’s unpredictable. We can plan for it all we want but our planning never has us prepared for what’s going to happen. Were always backing at the house before 9 and plan for the next days activities. then we get ready for bed, practice my baby piano (thank you thank you thank you Brent!! I love the piano,. best 15 minutes of the whole day.) write in my journal and then go to bed. that’s a typical day at least.

This week I have to say so many thank you for those sleeping pills mommy! I’ve used them a lot this week because this week there was a festival to celebrate Santa Ana and nobody wanted to sleep. they were doing fireworks at 5 in the morning one time (so my companion tells me, I don’t really know because I was asleep haha!!). Also this week the bugs decided they were hungry and Hermana Kugath was the best tasting thing there was. I haven’t had a problem with the bugs until this week, which has been weird... so I finally broke out the bug spray, thanks again momma!

So I don’t have tons of time but I wanted to tell you guys about my day yesterday. I was having a really hard time in Sacrament trying not to cry because the past few days id been feeling very alone. My Spanish was struggling and I felt really frustrated about things. But I was listening to the sacrament prayers and thinking about Christ. When he was in the Garden of Gethsemane he literally had no one. He was alone in his agony... As alone as I am in this country, where nobody even knows my first name, I have the support of so many. my companion, my missiona president, the other hermanas and elders here. And especially my family! I may not be able to write you or be in contact with you as much as id like, but I know your there. I know you know me and love me. I know I have family and friends who will always be there if not here. And I have my savior. I have him in my hardest moments, when I want to give up when I don’t every want to hear another word of Española, when I think I cant get up or walk 1 more block. He always reminds me when I’m at the end of my rope that he’s there.

Yesterday was one of those days. I felt awful and frustrated. But miraculously I had an awesome day! I actually understood allot of the Spanish in church, we had an incredible lunch with a family from the ward and they helped us so much! they gave us a map of our area (which is actually like 3 times bigger then we thought it was... ) and helped us figure our who in the ward was active and inactive and where everything was. It was a huge blessing! And.... they speak pretty darn good English, so I understood practically everything. I love our ward members! Our candles were relit and were excited to get back to work.

Sorry I don’t feel like this letter was super informative, but I’m running out of time. I love you guys all so much and really look up to every one of you. Thank you for your influence in my life and the lives of my family! you’re all wonderful!

All my love,
Hermana Kugath

p.s. URGENT!!! Mommy, maddie, Jesse, grandma, aunt Kim and kam: I need smoothie recipes. I have access to every fruit in the world and I brought a freakin blender with me and so help me I WILL use it. so smoothie recipes pretty pretty please!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day!

All 30 missionaries from our ward will now have the flag from their state or country displayed with the American flag each holiday, (this is Pioneer Day) when they come home they will be presented that flag from the ward. Today our neighborhood looks glorious! Soren and the sexton twins get home tonight! Love you so proud to display the Costa Rican flag :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 8

My dearest family and friends,
First of all... is everything okay in Rexburg?? what in the world happned? I'm just sitting eating lunch when on the tv comes rexburg idaho! Usually I'd be extatic to see my town, but I this was international news! either smething really good or really bad. I also so a bucket load (or more haha) of water! I also couldnt understand a single thing becasue well it was in spanish... I hope everyone is okay! our prayers are with you. so anyways..

Happy monday! Remember that scripture that says do all your work during 6 days and on the 7th day rest? well they forgot to mention that that doesnt actually apply to missionaries because we work all day everyday!! But when you work hard the Lord blesses you incredibly. This week my companion and I were incredibly spoiled. WE NOW HAVE A FLUSHING TOILET AND LUKE WARM SHOWER WATER!!! oh the Lord loves his sister missionaries:) Every other shower i've had up until today has been literally ice water, so this is just a miracle.

Anyways, a little bit about th actual work here. My companion and I are both stru7ggling a little trying to get to know the area because we are incharge of a massive hunk of land. They all have really weird names and theyre pretty far apart to so we've been facing some challenges there, but we think were finally getting the hang of it, a little. The bus schedule is really what throws us off and makes us late for a lot of appointments, the problem is tht there really is no bus schedule. they just kinda come and go as they please haha. I dont know how people here get anything done. Because of this we usually do a lot of walking like I mentioned in my other letter last week. Its not exactly flat idaho planes either. By walking I mean were usually scaling mountains... but its fun and eventually I'll have some massive calve muscles! Also going down is way funer then going up.. The food. To be honest I really havent had anything that I just couldnt eat yet. Seriously rice and beans every day. its not ery creative, but i can swallow it down and i dont cringe at least. Actually, I have a story about food that i want to share!     A couple of days ago I was having one of my harder days here. I seriously couldnt understand our investigators, i was burning up and had the mother of all headaches. To top it off we hadnt eaten for like 12 hours (and those of you who know me know how i get when im hungry...yep) Well we'd just had one extremely hard appointment and I was on the verge of frustrated tears. we were 45 mintues late for our 1st dinner appointment. Silently I was praying, please help me, give me ptience and help me make it through just one more appointment, and eat whatever it is their going to serve us without starting the water works. Well we got there and sat down to the most beautiful dinner I've seen in like 2 months. Were talking mama kugath quality here! those tears almost got loose out of sheer joy!! Immediately I felt better and got to share a sweet message about families using my own family pictures and expirience. It might sound silly, but Heavenly Father knew what I needed. he knew i'd be having a hard day and wouldnt be able to put down a gross meal too. So he provided and we cuold continue with our work. I'm a firm believer in miracles being worked through food:)

Another Thing I wanted to tell you guys about is one of the biggest issues here which is ..... Modesty. I mean yeah its hot, but it aint THAT hot haha. Seriously, I have seen the least amount of clothes on human bodies then I've ever seen before! Because of this (along with the fact that girls mature REALLY fast here) we have another problem.... the Law of Chastity. Its super awkward, but here its normal for men to date little girls. We saw one couple that, and I kid you not, she was 11 and he was 20. (thats like elijah a year ago dating a girl older then me!!!) its been tough to get used to. Especially when it begins affecting our investigators. This week we had an awesome spiritual lesson with suzanna and her daughter maria (our investigators who came to church last week). We taught about how faith isnt just believing, its completely trusting in Gods plan. I shared a little bit about how my personal family has struggled with my daddy illness but how my family, and my mommy especially, has never lost faith and has continually said Thy Will be Done. After this suzanna confided in us that Maria was 2 months pregnant (shes 14 and her boyfriend is... wait for it.....25) and how a couple of months ago she had found maria trying to hang herself becuse she'd found out about her pregnancy. I have never truly felt the need to be here, teaching about love, repentnce, faith and trust in God so heavily until this moment. These people need this Gospel. They are a family and satan is trying to tear them apart and I am here to not allow this to happen to them. I understand my purpose now more then ever. It was a very spiritual expirience for us all, i'll let you know how they keep progressing later!

So today we finally, finally got to clean the house! 4 elders lived there before us so you can imagine what it looked like.... (all the women reading this are shaking their heads in sympathy for me while the men just wonder what ws so bad haha) but really. So we cleaned for like 5 hours this morning, cleanliness is next to Godliness! So now we are able to function like normal misioneras and feel the spirit in the house again:) Theres also a fair tonight that were really looking forward to going to in a couple of hours! yay, fooood!! 

Anyways, I'm running out of time here but I wanted to express how sincerly grateful I am for all of the support that I recieve from all of you! Spiritual, phyisical, financial, in letters and in prayers. Thank you thank you!! I feel so so blessed. I realized this week that I am helping to fulfill not 1 but 2 Book of Mormon prophecies. In Enos 1:13_17 we read about how the Lord promises to redeem the lamanites and bring them the gospel again. I am in lamanite central here! And 2nd in Mosiah 15:14_18  we read about "how beautiful upon th mountain are the feet of them who publish peace and good tidings" There are so many mountains here i know that Costa Rica was for seen in this prophecy! But it must be talking about the beauty of the mountains because my feet are anything but... well, Baptisms await. Why am I here in the sweltering heat? why do i wear my hair in a ponytail everyday? why do i take freezing showers and eat beans every day??? para bautizar y retener! thats all from me this week!  I love you and miss you all. Pray for you always!

All my Love,

Hermana Kugath

Weeks 6-7.... Arrival to Costa Rica!

Hola from Costa Rica!!

Well actually Buenas, because thats how they greet people here. so, buenas everyone!.. I don't know how to do a smiley face on this keyboard... but I'm smiling so huge i wish that i could! this has been one crazy week for me and what a sweet thing to get here and see so many emails from the people I love most in the whole world. thank you thank you thank you so much! I really do wish I had the time to write each of you back a personal 3 page letter, but alas I just don't. But I am so thankful for your letters, sincerely. Okay so just some quick business, Here in Costa Rica I only receive my physical letters and mail once a month, so if those dear elders are highly highly appreciated because it means I can read them over and over again. Also, if anyone was going to send me anything, only send it through the regular post office. dhl, fedex and the other private ones don't get delivered. Regular Post Office only. Okay, now to the fun part....

I AM LIVING IN COSTA RICA!!!!!!!! does that blow anyone else's mind because I'm like wow....

We arrived safe and sound last monday *side note... getting to call my family from the airport was the most choice experience ever!!! Mini miracle, I was running late and didn't have time to call my sisters so I just quick called and said hi love you gotta go and we ran to catch our airplane. when we got there we found out that our flight was delayed a half hour so I got to go back and really talk to them! sometimes Heavenly Father works miracles in strange ways, like delayings flights haha* anyways,  when we landed in Costa Rica we were greeted by our president and his family. We went straight to the temple in Belen * which translates to Bethlehem* and talked with our president where he taught us our motto which is Bautizar y retener *baptize and retain* and is basically why we do everything we do. why do we wake up at 6.30, why do we dress up nice, why do i eat 13 lbs. of rice everyday... para bautizar y retener. The next day, tuesday, we went on divisions *which are like splits* with some sisters. That was, scarey to say the least. My companion made me challenge 2 people to be baptized! on my first visit... Anyways, the next morning we had breakfast at the presidents house and were assigned our trainers and areas. My companions name is Hermana Bojorgue!! She's the cutest, little spunky argentine you ever did meet! She is so quirky and adorable and she makes me work really hard. She's 25 years old and has been on the mission for almost 16 months. She was converted a little over 3 years ago and is absolutely incredible. We get along really well and she says she likes me a lot because I don't cry as much as the other sister she trained haha. *I only cried once this week, and I'll talk about that later*. We were assigned to Santa Ana and *I believe the term is whitewashed* the area because were both new. Its a wonderful, but huge, area. It's one of the 2 richest cities in Costa Rica so theres lots and lots of people. There are 6 main areas within our area that we share with the Elders who are assigned to Santa Anna. The first day the Elders showed us around and introduced us to some investigators and key members. We walked for I don't know, 12 hours... haha thats at least how long it felt. The next couple of days we were on our own to find, contact and teach. It's really hard because there are no street signs or addresses here in Costa Rica. They say like "turn right at the Mcdonalds, go 500 meters, the purple house between the red houses" haha. It makes finding specific people just a tad difficult. So those first few days, wow. They were like the slowest days of my whole life! No joke, I don't even know why, but wow. One day we climbed the steepest hill I think I've ever seen. Like really, I'd need dad to confirm this, but its like a baby everest haha. Thats how the whole country is though. up down up down, up up up and down. Oh and also! I broke my first umbrella already! sweet.

Anyways, after a few days we fell into a routine and time began to pass more quickly. We study, plan, talk and teach all the days long. My companion won't allow me to not talk so sometimes we just sit there in silence until I say something. Its really hard to understand people here because they all talk so darn rapido. Nothing could have prepared me for this haha. But everyone is very encouraging and I am slowly gaining confidence. As of right now we only have a few consistent investigators. This Sunday we brought 2 of them to Church with us. Suzanna and her daughter Maria. We are teaching their whole family and their neighbors family but they were the only ones who came, so disappointing, but yay at the same time! We got to church at the top of one of the forever long hills in the mist beautiful house I've ever seen. We aren't big enough to have a chapel so the church bought us a grand old house. Think like Zorro kind of style. Actually, the whole town is filed with these gorgeous houses. Everything is behind bars, but they're so unique and I don't know, just beautiful! I'll send some pictures next week because I forgot my camera so you can know what I mean. So anyways, we went to church which was really difficult because it was in complete Espanol. But! I was there to renew my covenants and receive personal revelation which I did, so mission accomplished *not my mission! only my sunday mission haha*. After church The elders *Elder miller and Elder Hoover* gave us blessings to help us begin our proselyting. Elder Miller gave me mine *in English bless him!* and he told me that Heavenly Father is well aware of my needs and that he has sent Angels to me to constantly guide, direct and protect me. And that there are certainly people prepared in this area especially for me to find. Receiving this blessing was the first time I cried since being here. The last blessing I had was by my daddy and this missionary, whose only been in the field a couple months, looks exactly like a young Steve Kugath. What a tender mercy, it was like receiving another blessing from my own dear papa.

So to answer some of your questions!

First of all, my area is warm, but not hot. Also it is constantly windy..... that I was not prepared for. But its okay because it's always a pleasant temperature.

I literally eat rice and beans every single days. We make our own breakfasts *blessed scrambled eggs and fruit!* and have a sweet woman make us lunch *beans, rice, and some sort of meat... i don't ask what*. I haven't had anything that was really gross yet, but sometimes I have to say a prayer that Heavenly Father will help me to finish all my food because theres so much of it! Also my stomach isn't adjusted to the food so its pretty tender.

It doesn't rain as much or as frequently as I thought it would. bummer. only sprinkles like a couple times.

The lord Loves me!!! here in Costa Rica there aren't ANY spiders, only arañas............ hahaha.

I´ve only eaten 1 weird fruit since i´ve been here. Its called a manzana de agua (apple of water)

I walk a'lot. and ride buses, their money is weird haha. Probably like 5+ miles at least, or more.. my feet tell me its more then that.

I don't know why, but I´m hungry like all the time. siempre hambre haha. but my companion is too so its okay. Were going food shopping today! yay.

Oh heres something funny.. So about 1 hour a day we speak english only. The hour before we go to bed. However, Heavenly Father always sees fit to bless me with the gift of tounges at this exact hour and for this hour alone I can speak near perfect spanish. haha weird, yes.

So I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression. This mission is hard. Way harder then I ever thought it would be and way harder then anything else I´ve ever done. I don't understand next to anything anyone says and I´m eternally lost, and the food is a little bit strange. But I know that I am where i need to be. I know that the Lord has a purpose for me and I know that it is through me he will work his miracles. Also, I had an awesome personal study on the consequences of complainers. Laman and Lemuel were complainers and they were cursed. Also, they receive the sins of ALL THEIR POSTERITY on their heads. Nephi was not a complainer. He quickly did what he was asked with a happy, humble and grateful heart and he inherited happiness, prosperity and the kingdom of God. To complain is unthankful, and my God has given me everything. I am so blessed. I love Costa Rica! and I love you all :)       ( yess! figured it out!!)

all my love-
   Hermana Kuagth

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 5

Hola Familia, Loved Ones and Friends!

Well another week down! I have been at the MTC for exactly 36 days today:) and wow has the time flown! I could swear I just got here last wednesday. I'd just like to say thank you, Thank You so much for the wonderful, inspiring and sweet letters I recieved from everyone this week. I got emails, dear elders, letters, pictures, cards and treats from every one! I want you all to know your support, your thoughts, and your time and kind words really lift me up! Mommy especially thank you for the wonderful brownies and the pictures from the little boys. I hung their drawings around the house and ate all the brownies... by myself... okay thats not true, I shared a little. There's a saying here that people love you into obesity, and now I understand why!! but thanks for loving me all the same:)

I feel like I should apologize real quick, especially to my family. I have been SO selfish with my mission! Sorry:) I realized this week that this mission has 100% nothing to do with me. This mission is for my Savior and also, for my family. I am here because The Lord and my Wonderful Earthy family needs me to be. I am here for my brothers and sisters in Costa Rica but I am also here for my brothers and sisters I left home. I am here because it is everything me Heavenly Parents want for me and everything me Earthy parents want and need from me too. How privileged I truly am! To be a servant of the Lord, my family, and my future Costa Rican family. So do forgive me because from now on my heart and mission is dedicated to all of you!

So this week... Wow! First things first, I got my travel plans!!! I am officially going to live in Costa Rica!!! I fly out with my two beautiful companions on Monday morning. We fly from Salt Lake to Dallas and from there straight into San Jose, Costa Rica! Its real:)   (Mommy and fam, this means I will be calling you guys in just a few days!!!! I'll either be calling between 5:30 and 8:30 AM or between 1 and 4 PM :):):):):)) So as of Monday night I will be there! 

I've had a lot of very exciting and spiritual experiences this last week  in the MTC and I'd love to share them with you. The first one happened last THursday in class. We do this exercises where we play the investigator and we pick someone we know who isnt a member and then we practice teaching each other. I was teaching Elder Bradley who was playing "Carlos". Before we began he asked to say a little prayer to be able to play Carlos and feel what he would actually feel if it was him in this situation. I said a little prayer that I would be able to know what to say and how to say it (keep in mind this is all in Spanish...)  This is a shortened version and just mainly key points of our lesson. So, he told me that Carlos had been raised believing only in Science and having no belief of God whatsoever. We started talking and as he expressed his beliefs to me about how The Church was so silly because we all believed in things we couldnt see or prove. I answered him with the simplest, most common question I knew.. "well how do you know that sun will rise?" He told me that scientists had proved that the Earth rotates and he could read about it. Then I said but have you personally ever seen the Earth rotate? He told me no, he hadnt, but that he could try the same experiment and see for himself that it did. I told him that was alot like the scriptures. If he could look at the Bible and the Book of Mormon like a scientific Journal filled with experiments and the results of those experiments he could try it himself and get the same answers. I told him he seemed like someone who really was intelligent and searching for truth. He told me he was and I asked him to see if he could find the desire to know truth about all things and not just strictly "scientific truth", he told me he thought he could. And then our lesson time was over. Elder Bradley told me later that Carlos was his best friend from back home and that he thought I had done "surprisingly well" (haha) in teaching him. He told me that if some of the missionaries talked to Carlos the way I had he might listen better. That made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside because I knew those words and ideas were not mine. They came straight from Heavenly Father into my heart, mind and mouth through the power of the spirit. Even though it was just a "practice" the spirit still helped me know what to say because Carlos was a real person, somewhere, and I had asked to teach with the Spirit. It was awesome. Prayer answered!

Another Fun experience this week was Sunday night Devotional! For those of you who remember, the Church used to to what I believe are called "Home Front" commercials. Well the director of Missionary services, who helped produce all those commercials, was the speaker so we spent most of the time watching funny, slightly cheesy commercials with great one liners after them. You really ought to go look some up on youtube or something because they really are quite clever and hilarious. And best of all, they teach us simple truths. Some of my favorite one liners were: 

When everything says you cant, believe in the part of you that says you can.

Its not who you arnt its who you are

Being different is being great

Whatever you do in life, just do your Best.  

and, The most important thing you can share in life is yourself.

The best part is that at the end it always says "A message from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" or "A message from the Mormons". Haha I remembered a time when we were watching a movie together as a family and it said something about avoiding temptation and my daddy said that slogan. I've realized two things from these experiences, 1 my daddy is actually Hilarious :) and two those messages, and the message I'm sharing in my time as a missionary, aren't from the Church, arent from the brethren, theyre the things our Heavenly Father wanted us to hear, know and believe about our selves and others. 

Things have really been winding down here for me and my district.. Were having many of our lasts now and are looking forward to having all kinds of new and exciting firsts. One last thing I want to share is from Devo last night. As I mentioned, I've been thinking alot about how this mission isnt for myself. Well, last night our speaker quoted the scripture in Luke 22:32 "and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brothern". There are so many people I look forward to helping, serving and strengthening in conversion.. But I hope and pray that this mission most of all help my sweet, wonderful, incredible, 7 baby brothers to be converted as I am:) I love you boys!

In everything I do here and in the field, I strive "to do always those things that please him". Thank you for supporting me in this! I love you all and am so thankful for your prayers and thoughts. You will always be in mine! The next time you here from me I'll be in paradise:) Thank you to those who watch over my family and may God watch over and Bless you all!

All my Love, 

Hermana Kugath

(A message from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:))