Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 8

My dearest family and friends,
First of all... is everything okay in Rexburg?? what in the world happned? I'm just sitting eating lunch when on the tv comes rexburg idaho! Usually I'd be extatic to see my town, but I this was international news! either smething really good or really bad. I also so a bucket load (or more haha) of water! I also couldnt understand a single thing becasue well it was in spanish... I hope everyone is okay! our prayers are with you. so anyways..

Happy monday! Remember that scripture that says do all your work during 6 days and on the 7th day rest? well they forgot to mention that that doesnt actually apply to missionaries because we work all day everyday!! But when you work hard the Lord blesses you incredibly. This week my companion and I were incredibly spoiled. WE NOW HAVE A FLUSHING TOILET AND LUKE WARM SHOWER WATER!!! oh the Lord loves his sister missionaries:) Every other shower i've had up until today has been literally ice water, so this is just a miracle.

Anyways, a little bit about th actual work here. My companion and I are both stru7ggling a little trying to get to know the area because we are incharge of a massive hunk of land. They all have really weird names and theyre pretty far apart to so we've been facing some challenges there, but we think were finally getting the hang of it, a little. The bus schedule is really what throws us off and makes us late for a lot of appointments, the problem is tht there really is no bus schedule. they just kinda come and go as they please haha. I dont know how people here get anything done. Because of this we usually do a lot of walking like I mentioned in my other letter last week. Its not exactly flat idaho planes either. By walking I mean were usually scaling mountains... but its fun and eventually I'll have some massive calve muscles! Also going down is way funer then going up.. The food. To be honest I really havent had anything that I just couldnt eat yet. Seriously rice and beans every day. its not ery creative, but i can swallow it down and i dont cringe at least. Actually, I have a story about food that i want to share!     A couple of days ago I was having one of my harder days here. I seriously couldnt understand our investigators, i was burning up and had the mother of all headaches. To top it off we hadnt eaten for like 12 hours (and those of you who know me know how i get when im hungry...yep) Well we'd just had one extremely hard appointment and I was on the verge of frustrated tears. we were 45 mintues late for our 1st dinner appointment. Silently I was praying, please help me, give me ptience and help me make it through just one more appointment, and eat whatever it is their going to serve us without starting the water works. Well we got there and sat down to the most beautiful dinner I've seen in like 2 months. Were talking mama kugath quality here! those tears almost got loose out of sheer joy!! Immediately I felt better and got to share a sweet message about families using my own family pictures and expirience. It might sound silly, but Heavenly Father knew what I needed. he knew i'd be having a hard day and wouldnt be able to put down a gross meal too. So he provided and we cuold continue with our work. I'm a firm believer in miracles being worked through food:)

Another Thing I wanted to tell you guys about is one of the biggest issues here which is ..... Modesty. I mean yeah its hot, but it aint THAT hot haha. Seriously, I have seen the least amount of clothes on human bodies then I've ever seen before! Because of this (along with the fact that girls mature REALLY fast here) we have another problem.... the Law of Chastity. Its super awkward, but here its normal for men to date little girls. We saw one couple that, and I kid you not, she was 11 and he was 20. (thats like elijah a year ago dating a girl older then me!!!) its been tough to get used to. Especially when it begins affecting our investigators. This week we had an awesome spiritual lesson with suzanna and her daughter maria (our investigators who came to church last week). We taught about how faith isnt just believing, its completely trusting in Gods plan. I shared a little bit about how my personal family has struggled with my daddy illness but how my family, and my mommy especially, has never lost faith and has continually said Thy Will be Done. After this suzanna confided in us that Maria was 2 months pregnant (shes 14 and her boyfriend is... wait for it.....25) and how a couple of months ago she had found maria trying to hang herself becuse she'd found out about her pregnancy. I have never truly felt the need to be here, teaching about love, repentnce, faith and trust in God so heavily until this moment. These people need this Gospel. They are a family and satan is trying to tear them apart and I am here to not allow this to happen to them. I understand my purpose now more then ever. It was a very spiritual expirience for us all, i'll let you know how they keep progressing later!

So today we finally, finally got to clean the house! 4 elders lived there before us so you can imagine what it looked like.... (all the women reading this are shaking their heads in sympathy for me while the men just wonder what ws so bad haha) but really. So we cleaned for like 5 hours this morning, cleanliness is next to Godliness! So now we are able to function like normal misioneras and feel the spirit in the house again:) Theres also a fair tonight that were really looking forward to going to in a couple of hours! yay, fooood!! 

Anyways, I'm running out of time here but I wanted to express how sincerly grateful I am for all of the support that I recieve from all of you! Spiritual, phyisical, financial, in letters and in prayers. Thank you thank you!! I feel so so blessed. I realized this week that I am helping to fulfill not 1 but 2 Book of Mormon prophecies. In Enos 1:13_17 we read about how the Lord promises to redeem the lamanites and bring them the gospel again. I am in lamanite central here! And 2nd in Mosiah 15:14_18  we read about "how beautiful upon th mountain are the feet of them who publish peace and good tidings" There are so many mountains here i know that Costa Rica was for seen in this prophecy! But it must be talking about the beauty of the mountains because my feet are anything but... well, Baptisms await. Why am I here in the sweltering heat? why do i wear my hair in a ponytail everyday? why do i take freezing showers and eat beans every day??? para bautizar y retener! thats all from me this week!  I love you and miss you all. Pray for you always!

All my Love,

Hermana Kugath

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