Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cambio 1 complete‏

My most Darling Family and Friends...

Well, like the title says, 1 cambio complete! (A cambio is a transfer by the way, and technically I have 2 one here and one in the MTC. but you know what I mean).
So, little surprise to no one, I don’t have transfers!! and get to complete my training with Hermana Bojorque here in my bonita santa ana! whew.

Just a little heads up, I woke up incredibly early today to teach seminary so if the letter makes little to no sense I am literally fighting my eyelids, the traitors. How grateful I am to have gotten to go to seminary in the daytime... This has been another long, full, exhausting, dirty, hot, busy but great week of missionary work! 

Lets start with the bad happenings first shall we? This week Lillian (our miracle investigator who had a baptismal date of next Sunday) decided that she didn’t want to be baptized anymore and that she didn’t want to keep seeing us. ouch, sucker punch to my heart..... We talked with her for a looooong time (well she did 98% of the talking..) and really all she gave us were a bunch of excuses. She wasn’t ready, she didn’t want to leave her husband for 3 hours every morning, her kids in the states were having problems, etc. It was s little heartbreaking to be honest. The best description I can give is Alma chapter 8... I think its chapter 8, but it might be 9. que triste! My companion is great though; we went home, said a prayer for her cried for like 3 seconds got up and got back at it. A little while before I came the area presidency came to visit the missionaries, with them came Elder Quinton Cook. He said something that we have sort of adopted as our motto, our catch phrase.. "you were called, to be rejected".   Well, if that’s my purpose here I guess it wasn’t so bad:) 
Now for the good news! Hold on tight there’s a lot!

1. This week we had a multi zone conference with presidente Wilkinson. He said a lot of things that were really interesting and helped me to grow in my calling. Let me give you the highlights:

- Faith without works is dead, but works without faith is dead also. If we don’t believe in our work, if we don’t set baptism dates with inspiration, teach with a plan and the spirit and plan every aspect of our service, if we don’t have faith in our work, then its dead. It won’t go anywhere.

- God is always ahead of us. He knows what’s happened he knows what’s going. He knows what were going to do and what the investigators, members and less actives are going to do. We don’t need to prove ourselves to him, he already knows. We need to prove ourselves to ourselves. 

-  Satan is here to destroy this work through an attitude of complacency, mediocrity and complaining. It is easy to find the path of least resistance; it literally takes no work to be there. Do nothing and you’re on the path. The only way to prove your character, to change yourself, to go somewhere is by searching out the will of God and doing it, regardless of how hard it is. The more adversity there is in an area the greater potential for miracles. If you are facing challenges and rejection right and left its because Satan is trying his hardest to counteract the good you are doing and keep those who are ready hidden.

- There are thousands upon thousands of people in my area who are ready and willing to accept this gospel. They just need to be found. 

2. This week, august 15th, was el dia de madre!!!!! mothers day for Costa Rica:):):) I asked if I could call you mommy, but they told me no. Sorry, have to wait for Americas I guess. But yeah, so we got to celebrate moms for a few days! We had special fhe lessons and a great activity at the chapel on Saturday. It was really a great opportunity to bring investigators, less actives and the members together for something that was "normal" and fun! My favorite part was the lesson we got to share with some of my favorite substitute moms. John chapter 19:25-28. In this moment Christ is on the Cross... he’s already suffered the pains, afflictions, sicknesses and sins of every human being who will ever live. He’s already been wrongly accused, humiliated, whipped and tortured. His body is literally hanging from the cross by nails in his hands and wrists... and he looks down and sees his mommy, and thinks if I die right now there is no one to take care of her. He then gives responsibility of the care of his mother to his apostle. And then, ONLY AFTER he knows that she will be okay, he says that all is finished and complete. What a testament to how important his mother was to him. The savior is our example in all things, including the way in which we should honor, love, and care for our dearest mommies.   I love you momma!!!  

Okay, only 2 other things I want to say. The first is that the driving here is loco! They have stop signs, but no one uses them. Walking the streets imp afraid to be hit by a car, truck or bus almost all the time. You get used to it... and when you’re the one in the car, it’s like your living fast and furious! These people are literally crazy and incredibly talented with these cars. (Although aint nobody as good as my daddy!) 
The other is that I had an experience that I found really interesting. My whole life people have always told me how old/ mature I look for my age. Here everyone tells me how young and innocent I look. At first it kind of bothered me... I mean who likes to be told that they look like a 13-year-old right?? Well I decided I actually do like it. To be innocent is to be clean, to be inexperienced as to the things of the world. To be new, to be kind and to be compassionate. Everyone always says that the eyes are the windows to the soul.. This week 4 days in a row I had someone tell me I have beautiful eyes  (yes one day it was a child, one lady who liked my eye shadow and one drunk lady who told me I had "the eyes of an angel") but every time I had the thought that this was my Heavenly Fathers way of letting me know that he thinks I have a beautiful soul:)

Well I hope everyone knows how much I love and appreciate them. Nothing beyond this gospel means more to mean then the people reading this. I love you, pray for you and am grateful for you everyday of my life, every moment of my mission. You all are my world!

 All my Love,
Hermana Kugath

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