Friday, September 12, 2014

dia 103!

My Most Darling Family and Friends....

First of all let me just explain something, today technically isn’t my pday because..... Were going to the temple on Wednesday!!!!!!! and so my pday has been changed (for this week only) to Wednesday. So we’ve had a regular workday today and my thoughts are a bit scattered because I haven’t had the time to plan out what I want to say like every other week.
1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIJAH LOU!!!!! Wow I can’t believe your 13. Freakin me out really. I hope you watched all the PG 13 movies you’ve been dying to see for years and finally can! Yay!

2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JESSLE AND SAM!!! What you’ve been together like 40 years now?? Well I hope that your still acting like the newly weds of the family and are spoiling your preciosa for me!

3. I had dia 100!! Yay:) 100 days as a missionary. (Mommy I had the same thought and almost threw myself a 100-day party... then I remembered that I’m living on a Budget.... darn).

4. Dear family, if anyone adds you on Facebook from Costa Rica, they’re my friends!!!!!! The Ward members here love to look at our parents’ facebooks so its okay to add them. especially anyone named Magali, marbel, jasmin or anyone with the last name carvajhal. They’re safe and my friends:)....... sometimes they go to your pages to show me what’s up hahaha like for example, josh.... who’s the girl?!?!?!?!?! And why don’t I know anything about her? Yeah that’s right, I’m still your sister, I still know things. Even 3500 miles away;)

Bueno so let me tell everyone a Little bit about this week. First of all, this week we got to go to Price Smart! What a blessing:) pricesmart is the sams club of Costa Rica. We bought a ton of food and have been enjoying the luxuries of peanut butter, real American ham and hot chocolate! si we are getting fat..... But to combat the food we have been running every morning
This week! I’m super proud of Hermana bojorque because before the misión she had never been running. She’s a great companion!

It finally started to rain like I’ve Heard it can. Basically for days on end. It started raining at like 7 in the morning and hadn’t stopped when we went to bed that night. And this was more then just one day. Needless to say almost everything I own has been sopping wet! One of my favorite quotes is "life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain", however I’ve decided to change it a Little bit and substitute to Word preach for the Word dance. This week I learned how to preach in the rain!

There’s one experience that id like to share that happened on one of these rainy rainy days. There was one night when it felt like everything was going wrong... it was pouring, freezing, pitch black and my companion and I were hiking up this mountain that seemed to never end. wed had next to no success this day and basically our moods matched the weather, gloomy. But instead of sitting down and crying like I know we both wanted to, we began to sing. The words from the hymn "I know that my redeemer lives" came to me and we just began to sing while we walked. Eventually we got to the 3rd verse (I think its the third) and as we sang the words " he lives my mansión to prepare" I had the image in my head of my Savior diligently adding tiles to the floor of my mansión, or adding crystals onto a chandelier, for every step I took up that infernal mountain he added one more, and then another. Maybe its a Little material of me, but this motivated me to keep on trekking.

1 other thing. This week we have been focusing on a family. Amber and Carlos are the parents and Hans, Jordan, Luis Carlos and daleska are the kids. We out a goal to baptize this family by the 28th of September but its not looking so good. They’re really against the idea of being married and everyone plays soccer Sunday morning so they struggle to come to church also. They really obviously need the góspel in their lives; they need to know their savior and his plan for them. Family, if you could just pray for them. To open their hearts and their minds to his teachings...... also this is the 3rd to last week of Hermana bojorques misión. We would love to have a baptism together. But an investigators needs to have 3 attendances in church in order to be baptized so this is the last week we can find people. Please pray for us to find people who are ready and to have attendance in the church!

Sorrys I know this letter is really short and probably doesn’t make much sense. Just know that I love you and I’m doing my best. Thank you for all the support I received for your thoughts and prayers. I hope all is well at home! Prayers from Costa Rica!

All my Love,

Hermana Kugath

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