Friday, October 10, 2014

A baby, A wedding, A Confirmation and a Transfer

(You all should know Aleena's sister Maddie had her baby on June 25th June Elyse Cline)

Oh My Most Beautiful Family!!!!!!

I’m an aunt!  Una tia J otra vez!!!! Yay. Oh welcome Little junebug. You are so beautiful. I can’t wait to meet you and imp so happy you’re here, that you’re safe (you to maddle). Ah! I love her so much!

Wow dearest family this has been one of the best weeks of my life. As you can tell from the title of this email, it has literally been a week of countless miracles. So many more then just 17. I wish I could tell you everything that has happened to me in these past couple days, ill do my best to explain as much as I can.

So as you guys know we had a wedding, a baptism and a confirmation all planned for this week. There were many moments of doubt when we didn’t think we could get everything done. But there aint nothing can get in the way when Heavenly Father sends Hermnanas Kugath and Bojorque to do something! Especially when its something as important as a weddingJ The truth is it’s a lot harder to get married here then it is in the states. You have to have a ton of paper work, a lawyer, witnesses, yada yada etc etc…. We found out that Marlon would have Wednesday free at 1 in the afternoon on Tuesday and immediately began to plan the wedding for the next afternoon. Decorations, paper work, guests, food, lawyer….. We sent them to San Jose in the morning to get his provisional passport and to make copies of all the documents we needed. Somehow in between my companion’s final interview with president Wilkinson, decorating the church for the wedding, coordinating with the relief society and our district meeting we somehow got everything sent to the lawyer so that he could have the documents ready for that evening. (Lucky for us the lawyer is a member of the church so he could do it for us more cheap and at the last minute).  Hermana Bojorque and I did all the decorating ourselves (which was extremely difficult because we were practically out of money and I’m also not very creative or artsy which yall already know.).  Against all odds we had our wedding! And it was beautiful…. Pink and purple! We lent Daniela clothes and helped her with her hair and makeup and the elders even lent Marlon a suit and tie! (Our family bought the cake… and I ate a great big piece in honor of you allJ haha). It wasn’t big, grand, and fancy… but it was beautiful.  She didn’t need a fancy white dress or a great big ring, they just wanted to keep the law of chastity and start to unite their family! (pictures to comeJ)

Following the wedding there was still so much to do. We kept teaching and visiting and helping them understand the next steps. Their responses to the doctrines of tithing, fasting, and service in the church were full of faith and trust. They began paying their tithing right away regardless of the fact that Marlon can’t be baptized soon. We prepared her for her interview and she passed with flying colors~! (You should hear her say the name of president monsoon, it’s so cute!).   But we ran into a little snag Saturday morning, the very day of her baptism. She called us crying because they didn’t have any money to come to the chapel that day for the baptism. For a minute we were devastated because we also were literally out of money, Wed used everything we had for the wedding and food. but we said a prayer and Hermana bojorque picked up her book of Mormon (her secret place for her money) and turned it upside down shaking it to see if there was anything left. Out fell a 20 mil bill!!! I am not kidding when I tell you this money came directly from our Heavenly Father. We had searched that book maybe 16 times in the last 2 weeks and hadn’t found anything! And here, in our moment of need it just fell out. And so, Daniela was baptized on the 27th of September and confirmed the next day! My very first, and last baptism, in Santa Ana. That’s right folks. The same day as our confirmation we got the call, cambios… But more about that in a second. That night (knowing that wed probably have transfers) we visited our little familia one more time. We taught them a sweet little lesson about eternal marriage, the sealing power of the temple, and helped them to start their family history. When it was time to leave we all knelt down to say the closing prayer. Marlon prayed so sincerely that he would be able to find a different job so that he could go to church, be baptized, and go to the temple with his family. He prayed for us and thanked the Lord for sending us to them…. When he ended it we all had a few tears in our eyes. Everyone knows I’m not good with goodbye, and this one was hard. To walk away from someone you’ve grown to love, someone you’ve watched progress so, so much in so little time, and really not having plans to ever see them again… that’s hard. But as missionaries its what we have to do.

On the way home we got the call from the Zone Leaders.. They’ve decided to close the area of Santa Ana and I’m being sent to Moravia. My new companion is Hermana Montoya! I’ve only known her a few hours but she’s from California and only has 1 change here. Ill let you know more about her in my next letter! So in the last 24 hours vie had to say some very hard goodbyes.  All the members of Santa Ana, Daniela Marlon and esmarlan, and finally my very own Hermana Bojorque! Wow, dificil. But I’ve added 1 to my forever family and for that I am more then grateful!

As a missionary I continue to learn, change and hopefully progress. But as a daughter, sister and aunt I’m always the sameJ I love you all so much. The lord is watching over me, and I know He’s watching over you for me! Bienvenida little Junie! Prayers from Costa Rica!

All my love,

Hermana Kugath

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