Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tengo 20 anos?.... Que?...

Si señor, yo te segire. (Yes, Lord, I will follow thee)

My most dear, adorable, lovely family!

I’m 20!!! whoa, que awkward. I’m antigua haha. So yes, this week was my birthday, thank you thank you thank you for all of the notes, cards, packages (even if they weren’t received :| ), thoughts, prayers, songs, and love that was sent to me! What a beautiful day I had. You should know I was spoiled in all kinds of manners. My zone leaders found out it was my birthday a few days before and surprised me with a super rico cake after the second session of conference Saturday afternoon. It was really delicious and even said happy birthday hermana! I don’t know how they did it with such short notice. But they did, it was delicious, even split between 15 hungry missionaries:) Also it turns out that our cook’s birthday was the same day! so we were invited over to her house where we ate meat, real meat!!!! steak, pork and chicken. soda and to top it off, a giant 3 chocolate cake! We got to blow out the candles and share the special day with my new borrowed/adopted family! So I hope no one worried, I had a very special and beautiful day. More important then all the goodies and queque (cake!) I ate was that I had the opportunity to hear the voices of our beloved prophet and apostles! Wow was this conference powerful or what!!!

I'll admit it was a little hard because it was totally in Spanish. (I loved the first 4 or 5 words of every talk because I could listen to their real voices but quickly the translation would take over... I’ve missed their voices so much!). But si, I listened to all 4 sessions in pure Spanish and boy did I learn my Spanish was lacking. It was like I could pick out the main theme of every talk and understand mas o menus what they were saying, but I did miss that I could understand everything. It was a little hard to focus also because we were constantly worried about "what are our investigators feeling" "why isn’t so and so here yet" "did they hear that part? It was so good and exactly for them!” so needless to say my mind was a wee bit unfocused and because of this my Spanish listening wasnt up to par. HOWEVER, i still did have an incredible experience. The things I did hear, the doctrine I received and the spirit I felt were exactly the things I needed to study and understand. One of my favorite parts was the 2 talks that were given in Spanish. I don’t know if it was translated for you guys or if you only had subtitles and could hear him speaking, but the 1st (elder gaveret??) was incredible! Him I could understand almost perfectly. wow. I’ve adopted his saying to be one of mine personally... si senor, you te segire! One of my other favorites that was really sweet was Elder Scotts. Mommy and Daddy this I felt was exactly for our family. There are some things that maybe are optional but the 4 that he talked about aren’t. 1. Prayer 2. Scriptures 3.FHE and 4. Ir al temple! (go to the temple!). I know I was always a bum and it’s my fault we never had fhe those Monday nights but this is a commandment from an apostle. Monday nights are for the family... no importa what else is going on, no team, sport, dance, activity, concert, class... nothing takes precedence over my family and our time together.    I didn’t always feel so strongly about this, but now I do. Our family will be eternal. My track team, my boyfriends, my etc. etc. obviously weren’t meant to be eternal and I am so sad for the time I missed with you guys those monday nights I wasn’t at home. Don’t let the little boys, mis hermanitos, have this same regret! Juntos familia:) ser juntos. The last talk I was in love with was that of elder Ballard! whooooooo. Wow. If anyone wanted to know how a missionary feels all you have to do is read that talk. He described the whole reason missionary work exists. Some days it’s really hard to face rejection after rejection (and let me tell you this was a week of rejection!) but when we remember why, It’s easier to take. I'd encourage everyone to read that talk again and find your own desire, your reason, to share the gospel.

Moving on because there’s soooo much to say!!! There have been so many miracles in this last week I can’t wait to tell you. so much new so much good! Primera, mi compnaera! My companion is Hermana Montoya! She is also the Twin of my very own Paige Crittenden! They look totally opposite but act the same, I love it:) she is 22 years old, from California, her parents are both from Mexico, she’s hilarious, speaks Spanish incredibly (but I mean her parents are from Mexico....), she isn’t shy para nada and she is an amazing missionary! We’ve only had 1 week together but already I have learned so much from her example. We have a lot in common- were both terrified of sharks, like to play sports, vampire diaries fans, we both run about 5 minutes late... and our differences balance each other out. We’ve been working so hard here you wouldn’t believe it!

Miracle #2 we have a house! A dream house I tell you! Space oh beautiful space:) we have a 2 story, 2 bathroom house just for us. In Santa Ana we had that itty-bitty apartment to share but not now! I don’t now what I did to deserve such a blessing. The lady who rents to us (she’s not a member .... yet... ;) ha-ha) also comes in regularly to clean and does our laundry. Its like I’m back home again! jk mommy jk, she doesn’t cook for us so its nothing like home. But seriously. It’s so wonderful!

Miracle #3 Our Ward is awesome! We have a chapel even:):):) we have a bunch of ex missionaries who go out with us to teach and also the young men and women are really involved! The other night we had a noche de grupo (like a family home evening ward style). It was awesome! I have never heard so many jokes (scripture jokes even!) and laughter in 1 short hour. I’m excited to get to work with all these great people! Hermana Montoya and I have a gigantic area but that gives us tons of room to find news and to teach. The members here are equal to the members at home (except I cant always understand what they’re saying....) but they are converted through and through and are ready to spread the good news with us!

I am so grateful to be only 1 of more then 88,000 missionaries and 1 in 15,000,000 members in this amazing moment in time! The whole world is going to Meet the Mormons! The only way that people will meet the gospel is through us... we are the converts, the teachers. The world needs us. Today we had a meeting for the hermanas of the zone all about having faith. You can’t have faith if you have fear.... be bold! SI senor, yo te segire! Share the joy that you have that IS the gospel of JESUS CHRIST! I love you all and am so grateful for your roles are helping me along my conversion. Each of you is an important, beloved, irreplaceable part of my family. I love you!! Prayers from Costa Rica:)

All my love,
Hermana Kugath

si señor, you te segire!

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