Monday, November 3, 2014


My Dearest Family...

Another week come and gone so fast! I can’t believe this week is already Halloween! wow.. The sad thing is that they don’t celebrate it here in Costa Rica. Why?? Beats me. Its like free candy and you don’t have to wear normal clothes, why isn’t Halloween every day?? Hermana Montoya and I are really excited because were going to celebrate it alone if we have to. (We heard that the missionaries aren’t allowed to leave the house this day or something like that because there might be crazy people in the streets..... but were not sure so we’ll see.) But for our costumes were currently planning on switching our nametags, we'll see! Anyways, yesterday was the day of cambios but luckily were safe and will be spending a minimum of 6 more weeks here in Moravia:)  I’m actually really glad! I love everything about my area. My companion, my investigators, my house, my ward an members, the town, the way we do things.. I’m really comfortable, happy and grateful that Heavenly Father still has a purpose for me in this place that I love so much. Of course we have a purpose here! Hermana Montoya and I are a powerhouse team:) we've had the opportunity to be part of a big change here in our stake, Toyopan. The Hermana Especialistas told us that for a long time president wasn’t really pleased with the numbers and results we were putting out because he knew that the zone could do more. But we’ve been working super, super hard this last little cambio to change that and this month our numbers were 2nd only to Guanacaste (which is like the promised land!) !!!!!!! So we were all very pleased. In fact, president was so pleased with us that he gave us permission to go to the cascadas (waterfalls) of Coronado today! We even have the privilege of wearing normal clothes! Whoa... ha-ha that’s a big deal folks; I'm wearing PANTS in PUBLIC! eso!!!

This week was really fun. We got to do divisions with the Hermana Especialistas so I got to go work with Hermana Pizza in Purral for a few days! A little bit of change now and again is refreshing. It was really good to have the chance to see someone else’s area and be someone else’s companion for a little bit of time because it helps us to see the things that were doing wrong and the areas that we need to change, work harder or be better. But also the areas that were doing really good! The areas of our strengths and the things we do the best. I learned a lot from my few days in Purral and were excited to make Moravia even better then it already is! One of my favorite parts of this mini transfer was that we got to play soccer in the mornings with some other missionaries. Everyone knows I’m not the hugest soccer girl, but these two days that we played it was pure joy! We had to wake up super early, but it was worth it to get to run and play around and for once get a good work out. The two days after we played my body of course hated me and rebelled.... but the pain was nothing compared to how happy I felt playing so it was okay. 

This week Gerardo was confirmed a member and given the Holy Ghost! In this same sacrament meeting we had one of our special investigators. Yamelet is an older blind woman that were trying to teach. Wow it is difficult trying to teach someone whom cant read and cant get to church themselves!!! But we have been commissioned to preach to everyone and so our struggle with blindness and people who simply don’t know how to read rolls forward. It was really sweet though because the members were all so ready and willing to help us! We had a couple come and pick up yamelet and take her to church while we were there others helped her find the bathroom, got her water, helped her to a comfortable seat, sat by her, talked to her, introduced themselves and welcomed her in every way possible. After church one family even drove her to the clinic because she asked them to. I LOVE BEING  MORMON!!! There’s no other people like us in the world. 

Anyways, I’ve got to get me to a waterfall sooo.... I love and miss each and every one of you! Please all of you eat at least 10 pieces of Halloween candy for me this weekend :) and remember that I am continually sending my love and prayers for you from the land of the lamanites ;) haha. Prayers from Costa Rica!

All my Love, 
Hermana Kugath

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