Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Love my home and away wards :)

My Most Beloved and Beautiful Family....

Hi:) First of all, sorry if I scared some of you with the gunpoint mutual story haha. More then anything I was just letting you know that I know that I’m protected. Its funny but we walk these cold dark streets and I don’t even feel afraid. Maybe I’m just suuuuper naive... haha but I personally just like to think my faith is just greater then my fears.

I really just want to take 1 second to express how truly grateful I am to everyone of my home ward. I just love you all so so stinkin much!!! My mom has been letting me know how generous and incredible you’ve all been helping me and watching over my family. There isn’t a ward in the world that could compare with how much I love and appreciate you all! This week I have been searching out ways to bless the lives of others like you all have blessed my life. My favorite was taking a future missionary to the mall today and letting her pick out a whole outfit!!!! Shell be serving in Mexico, leaving in January and her family doesn’t have the money or support that my family enjoys. Some people may look on it as a sacrifice, but I look at it as a way to give back when vie been given so much. Hermana Rodriguez is going to Mexico lookin goooood!

My heart is broken for the Conrad family and certainly for Elder Conrad. This is a trial I couldn’t even imagine having to face. But don’t worry, the plan of salvation and the atonement have the power to suck out the pain and sorrow from even the deepest, harshest wounds. There is life after this; death is just a stepping-stone to the reino celestial! Knowing Hermana Conrad she is happily serving right alongside her son in the glorious work of salvation, she’s just been called to serve in another mission.

This week has been wow long..... We played so much ball last p day that I was extra tired. Also one time we tried to walk from our district meeting in Ipis to our first appointment in paracito. Bad idea, don’t ever try that. We walked for like 3 hours straight!!!! Up and down and up and down..... Whoa. I was exhausted en serio. But this week was incredible really. This week our miracles stacked up! I just should let you all know I am literally spoiled to live and work here in Moravia. We have the best ward!!! The most supportive bishop, the sweetest sisters, the best members who feed us day in and day out, and the Lord is blessing us with so many investigators we don’t even know what to do with them all!!!! Oh wait, yes we do..... BAPTISMS BABY! Hermana Montoya and I have a dream for Moravia. We want 2 companionships here. But to have 2 we have to have excellent success in this month. We have the ability to baptize 12 people this month, but our meta (goal) is 10. That’s a lot...... please, please pray for us to achieve this goal. Its seriously a crazy goal and we are going to have to work ourselves to the very ground, but we want this second pair of missionaries. Moravia is a HUGE  area and we need the help.

Anyways, sorry this letter was boring, my minds a little wacky today. Just know that I love you all and the Lord is the author of our lives, he is the perfect planner and we can always trust in his will. I miss you bunches upon bunches|! Prayers from Costa Rica,

All my love,
Hermana Kugath

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