Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shopping for the Mission!

Often times blessings come in disguise... When I received my call my packet said leaving May 28th! I was a little surprised because I had put "available immediately" on my papers. But little did I know I would need every extra second I could get to shop, organize, and pack!! My mom and I tried really hard to find modest, mission standard outfits that were still pretty and practical. I think we nailed it! My best buddy Kam and I played dress up the day before I left to show off all our hard work. For this interested, I found most of my clothes at:

  -Dorthy Perkins
  -Lands end
  -Kohls    (They're workout section is perfect!!!!)
  -Christopher Banks
  -Latter Day Sister Missionary
  -Payless, Chaco, and (I can't believe I'm saying this)  Crocs.  For shoes

It was a girls dream come true. 4 months of continuous shopping and a whole new wardrobe!! I know that part of becoming a missionary is looking the part and bringing the spirit with us through our appearance and actions. Thanks to everyone for helping get it all together and a special shout out to Kamie for being my beautiful Model! (I told you it wouldn't be weird.... Haha).   

All my love! - Hermana Kugath

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