Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 2

Hola Again my Family and Friends!!
    2 weeks down here at the MTC and only 4 more to go!! Its been another beautiful, inspiring and spiritual week for me and I am so excited to tell you all about it! But first, please excuse any spelling, grammer and language mistakes. First of all because I'm trying to sort out my English from my Spanish and second of all because this hour to email is literally the single most stressful hour of my week here. I am trying to type as fast as I can to say all that I need to say so I dont really worry about my mistakes so forgive me all you grammar natzies out there:)  

-Sister Love-

   Well I'd like to begin by explaining a few things that wernt really clear in my letter from last week. I'm really sorry I couldnt send any pictures last week, my camera was rebelling so I couldnt send any, hopefully it will work this week! second, here is my MTC mailing address for those of you who asked for it:   Hermana Aleena Catherine Kugath, July 8th CRA-SJO, 2023 North 900 East, Unit 830, Provo Utah, 84602. Physical mail is truly cherished;) Third of all lets talk about our investigators. Here on campus we teach about 6-8 lessons a week. The scary thing is... they dont tell us weather theyre member actors or REAL LIFE INVESTIGATORS!! We assume that we have some of both, but we treat them all as if they were all real. On top of that we teach our teachers also so they can give us feed back and suggestions on how to better teach that lesson (so those ones at least we know are members haha). Its very fun but also very difficult. They ask you the hard questions that would be difficult for a 19 year old to answer in their native language but then expect you to find a way to communicate your, thoughts and feelings in SPANISH! but esta bien (it's okay) because we really don need the practice. 

Second I'd like to take a second and give a huge shout out to my lovely nana kugath!! It just so happens that on my hardest and most discouraging day here so far (I was having alot of.. personal... issues) I recieved a gigantic box of, I kid you not, The largest and most delicious sugar cookies I have ever had the priveledge of eating. After eating 1 or 2 or...5, I felt so much better and could continue on in my studies.However there were so many i had to enlist my whoel zone to help me finish them!isnt it
wonderful how the Lord is already aware of our needs before we are and sends one of his earthly angels to answer that need. So thank you Nana! I,  my companions, my district... even my zone all thank you for your delicious cookies.

Now about the rest of my week, its funny, but so much happens here in one day that you cant even remember what day it happened on. for example, I was sharing a thought in class about a thought my companions and I had thought about, I began by saying "a couple of days ago at breatfast my companions and i talked about this same thing.... my hermana cook leaned over and whispered, "hermana that was this morning!". I was shocked.. Seriously, one day feels like a whole week. but one week only feels like a day.. it is the oddest sensation.
One of the verybest parts of this week happened on Sunday night at devotional. I got to see one of my very close darling friends. Mary Lundin!!! This sweet friend entered the MTC on last wednesday and I hadnt had a chance to find her until Sunday night. Yay for friends in the MTC!! theres a couple of other people from my highschool that are here, but mary is my closest. It was the best to finally see someone I knew and who knew me! again, tender mercies of the Lord. but wait, it doesnt stop there! We had a very powerful devo sunday night followed up by another miraculous video of my very favorite Jeffrey R. Holland. We watched the video of his thanksgiving devotional back in 2012 just after the age change and holy bananagrams! Thats why I love Sundays here, we are literally stuffed with the spirit all day long. His talk was about being born in this the last generation. my favortie quote says " Every other age and dispensation knew that they would loose. Every prophet of old looked forward in hope at THIS generation of missionaries. They saw us and knew we were destined to finally win. This generation will Not Loose, You Will Not Fail!". Wow right?? for someone whose as much of a sports enthusiast as I am, going into a game and already knowing that you would come out victorious is incredible. there is no doubt, this dispensation will win the war against Satan, of that I have no doubt. My other very favorite quote was "If there comes a time when you just cant do it anymore. You cant do it for your mommy or daddy, you cant do it for the prophet, you cant even do it for yourself... Do it for the Son of God". What greater motivation do we need? Do it for the Son of God. 

I wish that I could write each and every spiritual experience I've had while being here, but it would take you weeks to read it and years for me to write it! so I'm really just sharing my favorites. Another one from this week is on Tuesday Devotional we got to hear Elder Quinton L Cook speak to us. I was literally 1 row away from an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ! That was awesome. One of the most interesting things he said was " in the records we have of the risen Lord (christ after the ressureccion) his message is one of almost exclusively missionary work." "Lovest thou me? Feed My Sheep". This is why I'm out here. The Lord knew that there are people, perhaps only 1 person, or maybe just myself... but someone needs me here and so thats why I'm so anxiously engagaed. Elder Holland ONce said: The most important tying in the universe is saving a human soul". Thats what God spends all his time doing, so why cant I give a few measly whole hearted months?? 

I am so pleased to hear in all of the letters about the wonderful blessings and expiriences you all get to have back home! This church truly is one of miracles. I've come to realize in my short time here that the Lord needs more from me then  what I can currently give him. He needs me to learn better, think better and be better, but the only way I can become what he needs of me is through the atonement of his only begotten son. Christ really can, and Will, help us through any trial, change any behavior, repent of any sin, and become more then what we could ever make of our selves. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such supportive family and friends who allow and help me to change. So thank you all:) 

Just a few sidenotes and fun things about this week: 1. our minds are truly quickened by the spirit, we were blessed to memorize the entire First vision in one week, In Spanish! yay!.   2. We've began playing volleyball with our zone during gym time.. im not sure what happened, but Im far better now then I ever was in high school. odd? yes.  3. This week we also got to teach mini lessons to our companions and really talk through our struggles together. I really can turn to them for anything now and It's only been a few weeks. I love them! The spirit was as trong in our mini lessons as it was hearing from an apostle of the Lord. 4. Our Spanish really is getting better!! It feels slowly, but in just 2 weeks I'm able to communicate, pray, bear my testimony, just chat and even make jokes!! I say alot of dumb and incorrect things, but its coming! 5. Relief society was so so special! They took the song as sisters in zion and made New Missionary words! Its is beautiful. I am a member of the Worlds largest womens organization!! how cool is that??

Well I need to go baptize people... Just kidding, but really. Thank you again for all your letters, emails, paackages, thoughts and prayers. We Can feel them :) I pray for you all in every prayer I say here... which is like 65 a day so I'm sending some back to you! Elder Cook promised us on Tuesday that Everybody in our lives, past future and present, will be blessed by Our missions. I'm holding him and my Heavenly Father accountable for that promise! I love you all!
   All my Love-
         Hermana Kugath

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