Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 3

Hola again Family and Friends!

    Wow what a beautiful week here at the MTC! I am so grateful for this opportunity I cant even really express it. Well finally in the third week this has started to feel like my real life instead of "playing missionary" I really feel like one! This week has been a rollercoaster for me and my companions. We've gone with days of 6 teaching appointments, doctors visits, days where we only teach once or twice and finally.... a whole day without mail! Yep, it happened. However most of what we go through here is happy, spiritual and uplifting. 

This week I've been thinking alot about all the wonderful men in my life. My daddy, Grandpa and Grandfather of course are right up there! How grateful I am to have such wonderful priesthood leaders in my life. And Happy Fathers day!! I know I'm a bit late, please pardon my tardiness... but know that I love you, miss you and think of you fondly. Grandfather has especially been on my mind. I miss him alot but because of the wonderful knowledge I have of my Heavenly Fathers amazing plan I atleast dont have to worry about him. I know where he is and what hes doing, and it the same thing that I'm doing.. Missionary work! I also want to thank all my awesome examples of priesthood holders and missionaries. I have been so blessed to watch countless numbers of faithful friends, cousins, classmates, "guy friends" and others go out and return from serving hinirable full time missions. Thank you for your example to me and thank you for your service to our savior. I love you for it!

I'd like to throw out a quick thank you to everyone for the packages and letters that I have recieved this week. I LOVE, love love love to hear about your lives and the fact that youre thinking of me is so incredibly kind. Thank you for the uplifting messages and stories. Nana- Thank you again for more cookies!! My zone absolutely loves you and they call you the Cookie Queen because they're all so delicious, and such a fun variety of kinds! Thanks:)   Mommy and family thank you for my package, you know just how to brighten my day! Tell me I'm skinny and Beautiful and throw chips at me! MMM my companions and I thank you for feeding our late night cravings. Thank you for the letters, post cards (lexi!), pictures, dear elders and most especially the prayers. I cant tell you how much I appreciate and need your prayers. Learning a language is well.... not easy. And I know that I'm recieving extra help because of all the faithful prayers from my loved ones. Keep em comin por favor;) 

So let me tell you a little bit about my week. Pretty much thursday, friday and saturday we study, teach lessons and practice spanish. But the weekends get a little funner. On Sunday we had an awesome devotional by Sheri Dew. She talked to us about the Power of Gods Grace in our lives. She is such an interesting and inspirational woman. She shared some beautiful insights about the Savior, his atonement and how we gain access to this healing power. She said "Grace helps you do things you can not do on your own. for example: theres two ways to serve your mission. 1. on your own, when you know youre bound to fail. or 2. with heavenly help, when you know you cannot loose." I love the fact that I have unlimited access to Gods Grace and help through my elder Brother Jesus Christ. She also said "Jesus rarely moves the mountain out of our way, but he will always help us to climb them". Her talk was incredible and helped me come to understand the nature of my Savior a bit more. 

Also on Sunday we had an awesome Sacrament meeting. You know how they do that thing when they call a random person and have them speak.... yep you guessed it, me. Luckily I had prepared thoughts on Baptism so it wasnt awful. But the rest of the meeting was Jam packed with spiritual thoughts. At the end districts A and B sang God be with you till we meet again, because they were leaving for the field the next morning. I cried. Its crazy because I'd just met these Elders and Sisters a few, literally, weeks earlier and now I was so sad at the thought of not being with them anymore, But the Lord needs them in the field. Thats why were here afterall, but I felt a little bit of what I feel was how God loves his children. I'll miss those Districts, but we all need to move upward and onward. 

Another cool thing that happened this week was our comanionship got to go out into the "real world" haha. My companion Hermana Bratt needed to go to an eye appointment so we got to go with her. As we walked, and I kid you not, 1 block... 6 or 7 cars honked, everyone waved and a soccer team asked us to say a prayer with them before their game. I love being a Missionary!! All of a sudden everyone in Utah knows who you are and Loves you! We even get half off at Jamba Juice:) Anyways, it was just a fun expirience to be somewhere not on campus for an hour or so, we felt all "grown up" again. 

Now for a total highlight of the week... for the Second time in a row an Apostle has come to speak to us on Tuesday night Devo! Elder Ballard was here and wow oh wow.. He. Is. Awesome. Of course I already knew that, but yesterday was a double testimony. We are so blessed to be part of the church led by Living apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. Seriously, how lucky are we?? Some of my favorite things from his talk were "Be wise like serpents but as harmless as doves". He taught us oh to be smart and successful missionaries. He also talked about Never, never being ashamed of the Church, its leaders or its principles. I love the church and everything it does and stands for, thats why I'm here after all! Another awesome quote was" Keep your eyes on the bretheren. we will not, we CAN NOT fail you.". These men are called of God. Nothing the world says or does invalidates them because theyre are our direct line of communication with the creator of the World. A third thing I loved was he said was" people today are so worried about "being on the wrong side of history", History is not our judge, God is our Judge. Neither is public opinion our Judge, God is our Judge.". I know that in the world there are many differences and wars of opinions going on at this time in history, but my testimony is rooted in my savior. Luckily for me I believe that, if the prophet says so.... thats all I need to know. 

Just real quick I wanted to tell you about our investigators.. as of now were teaching 6 people. Mercedes, Alejandro, Jose, Jose Luise, Luisa, and a 6th surprise lesson every week. Its really fun and gives us lots of expirience and we learn so much about how to and how not to teach. Its a little bit scary beacause, like I said earlier, we're never really sure If theyre real investigators or member actors. But I love them all anyways and am grateful for the service they provide in helping us learn. 

I am so grateful for this gospel and for the message of hope and peace it offers to everyone. I love my heavenly father and my savior Jesus Christ. I am so, so blessed to be his personal servant at this time in my life and look forward to sharing opportunities of joyful service with and to his many beautiful, wonderful people in Costa Rica. Know that I'm praying for you all and miss you bunches! until next week!!

All my Love- Hermana Kugath

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