Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2 Is Better Than 1

My Dearest Familia---

There are some days when I just wish so bad that you guys lived in the mission field (okay jess and Sam and Brent and maddle kind of do, but the rest a yall not so much.). There’s days I wish you lived here because you would love getting to help out with the work that were doing. Sometimes its hard to find people who are willing to help us teach... not only do we have to find people to teach but we have to find members to go visit them with us, to friendship them, to give them rides to the chapel... sometimes it gets a little complicated. But I know that what were doing is the Work of Salvation, that it was never MEANT to be easy so that helps a little bit. This week we had almost nobody to help us... all of the youth of the ward went to a program called SOY (its basically our EFY) and so we really had nobody willing to help us out.. It was kinda sad because we felt really alone almost the whole week. But it turned out to be a good thing. When all the young men and women got back from SOY they were all filled with the spirit and the desire to help and share the gospel! It’s how I would feel like when we got back from girls camp remember? Or trek, or a real spiritual trip. It was really great because Sunday in church we got to hear all their testimonies. Those were some powerful future missionaries. (If I had a suggestion I would say that we should send all the little boys to EFY when they can go. I know that it’s expensive, I know, but I can promise it’s worth it).

Besides our battle with the members this week we had a lot of great things happen to us! We went on divisions with the especialistas again and they helped us to "raise the bar" here in our area. We’ve heard that some big changes are coming to our ward so were doing our best to get ready!

I love you all bunches but I’m running real short on time today. Please know that I’m extremely grateful for every one of you and for the things you’ve done to serve and sacrifice for me. Prayers from Costa Rica...

All my love,
 Hermana Kugath

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