Thursday, January 1, 2015

White Christmas

My Dearest Darling Familia....
Hi:) I just love you all so much!!! I’m literally counting down the days until I get to see your beautiful faces! There’s something about the Christmas spirit that makes being away from your family just that much more difficult. But the thoughts of talking to you, even if it is only 40 minutes.... is what keeps mi companera and I motivated through the days. Okay let’s talk about the call now that were on the subject. I'll be calling for sure Christmas day but I’m still not exactly sure of the time. Were going to a members house but its complicated because they have 2 brothers serving missions so we have to wait to know what time their elders are going to call so we know what time were going to call. But ill find out and let you all know next Tuesday. Sorry were so unorganized everything just comes so quickly. I know you all need to make plans for when you’re going to be at the house and stuff so ill get on it and find out. Sorry!

I wish I could explain to you how happy I am to be a missionary. There are some days I just wake up with incredible enthusiasm to go out and baptize the whole world!! And there are other days when I hear the alarm and pray for just 5 more minutes of sleep..... The second kind of days are less often, don’t worry. This week has been a really really hard but successful week! Hermana Montoya and I decided to start the cambio out by giving it all and the results were really incredible. However, there is one aspect of my day that is just literally out of my hands... the weather. Remember when we got my call and everyone was like "oh you’re going to paradise, you’re going to die of the heat, costa Rica is beautiful, the weather is perfect"..... LIARS! Every one of them. This has been hands down the coldest week of my whole (okay not my life, lets be real I lived in Idaho and Colorado, but still a veryyy long time.) Obviously not cold enough to snow, but the rain mixed with ceaseless wind almost killed me! Lucky me I received my package with sweaters and long skirts because I’m pretty sure I would have frozen without them. One day I had on 5 shirts topped with my Raincoat and scarf. The cold here isn’t like the cold there. Its wet cold... you’re soaking wet and you don’t dry until you get home and crawl into bed. I’m not complaining or anything ;) I just think its funny that for the first time in my life I thought I was going to have a sunny Christmas..... Nope. But it doesn’t matter because my heart was sunny! 
This week was pretty cool. We’ve been finding people and teaching like mad! I hope you all got to watch the "he is the gift video"... This has been our main message for this week also. We carry it around with us and just ask everybody like "hey can we come in a watch a 3 minute movie about Christmas!?" its works pretty well actually. This time has been crazy busy because were working our bums off trying to get our investigators ready for "la blanca navidad". The whole zone is going to get together and have our baptisms on the same day (the 27th!). Presidente Wilkinson is going to be there and everything. We have 3 people getting ready for this day. Celest, Bryan and Esilda. Celeste and Bryan are miracle investigators! Their mom is a less active convert from years back. We found them last week and she said yea yea of course I want my kids to be baptized! They came to church and everything this last week. Were so excited for them! Celeste is super smart and had an awesome time in young womens, but I’m pretty sure Bryan has a little bit of a social/learning disorder. But that wont be an obstacle for the spirit. Esilda is an older woman. Were teaching her and her husband but she’s progressing faster. Her husband is kind of a booger and its super stubborn sometimes but the other day she told him "stop being like Laman and Lemuel and listen to what the missionaries are saying!" (hahaha!!! that’s right. she’s reading the book of Mormon and used it on him! it was awesome.). But not only these 3, we also have a baptism scheduled for this weekend. Her name is Dayanara. She’s the sweetest little girl and the best-prepared child baptism I’ve ever seen! Her family is all members bur about 2 years ago they went inactive so she was never baptized. But they’ve reactivated since we got here and will be celebrating Christmas with her baptism!:) que cosa mas hermosa. In total we hope to end the month with 4 baptisms! 
This week however we also found a family of 3 and the sweetest kind lady in the world and are already getting them ready to be baptized in January! Wow what a busy time in Moravia. Is there a better time to be a missionary?? I know that all of the prayers that you guys have been saying in my behalf really are showing their fruit. I am so happy and our success is absolutely incredible! Yay team Jesus:) yay family Kugath! 
Anyways, this week we didn’t have p day because tomorrow we'll be going to the temple!!!! It’s been 3 long months waiting to go again. I love you all so much its incredible. I can hardly wait the 8 and half days more to talk to you. Hey do me a favor and find all your Skype usernames/passwords and everything now so we don’t have any problems. Also I know there’s a way to do like an interconnected Skype (like more then 1 computer or something) if Jesse and Sam are going to be in Mexico.... yay family Kugath/Head/Cline!!!! I love you muchisimo. Prayers from Costa Rica,
All my Love, 
Hermana Kugath

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