Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christ "mas" mas=more in Spanish

My Very Dearest and Most Adorable Familia....

Feliz Navidad!!!!! Almost.... its weird because here it doesn’t feel like Christmas because there’s no snow, no bundling up the little ones to go play, no rushing around to make treats and all kids of food (although yesterday for p day we did try to make a cheesecake... lets just say it didn’t turn out like one of jesses) and buy presents for gift exchanges. It doesn’t feel like the Christmases I remember, but this Christmas I’m not as focused on those things. What I really am dying for this year (so bad that I asked my Heavenly Father AND Santa Clause, you know just in case..) was to talk to my family! Even if for only 40 minutes. I can’t believe it’s already been almost 7 months since I’ve seen you all! How rapidly things change in our lives right? But no se procupe, you only have to live 1 Christmas without me ;) its crazy to think this time next year ill be in the house again! Weird. But not important. What is important is that I´ll be calling home on the 25th! I’m hoping to call around 5 o’clock your time (I think that means 6 my time). But don’t worry! If it’s not exactly at 5 don’t freak out, I will call between 5 and 6. Just a little heads up:) yay!!! I wish I could describe how excited I am, but I cant... but I think you understand right? 
Anyways, with the Christmas spirit filling the air the work rolls on. First of all I’m sorry I threw a little bit of a fit about the weather last week. And thanks for praying for me because the temperature did a full 180 and now we have had 3 gorgeous sunny days in a row!!! I’m going to get my sunny Christmas after all:) Also this week was a week super super special for us. Like I said last week we didn’t have p day last Monday and we were a little bit bummed, but it was so worth it to get to go to they temple! Going only every 3 months gives the temple a real special space in your heart and helps you to appreciate it more. This time I understood 98% of everything!!! Although the times when I have to talk (or think) still tripped me up a bit. But you know.... he knows I was trying haha.  It was a real special opportunity to share with my companion too. Hermana Montoya and I have been together a long time so it was good to share something as spiritual as the temple! While we were there we even took a picture to make a Christmas card for some of the members of our ward:) were way cute. After the temple we went to a special Christmas devotional with president Wilkinson and his family. Oh my gosh..... The food though. Now that is a Christmas dinner! Ham, mashed potatoes, salad, a real roll! Wow. And brownies, candy canes, gingerbread men. they spoiled us a real good. After we ate presidente Wilkinson taught us about the first Christmas. He said that many people want to be like the magi and bring Christ a gift but that he wants us to be like the shepherds. The shepherds when they heard about the birth of the Savior left everything to go and find him. They left their sheep, unprotected, and ran to find Christ. He told us a little more about shepherds. These men care for these animals like they’re their own children. They know their names and care for them day in and out. There’s nothing more important to a shepherd then his lambs. However, at the announcement of His birth they left them, running and rejoicing to find the cradle side of their Lord. Its not so much about what we can bring to the Savior, because he doesn’t need anything, its about what were willing to give up to find him and to stay withy him.:)
This week was also special because it was the baptism of a very important little girl for us. Her name is Dayanara. She’s 10 years old. Her family members are all members of the church, but because of a family tragedy they went inactive and she was never baptized. The family recently became active again and invited us to teach her so that she could finally make this important covenant with her daddy. We’ve been working with her for about 2 months yet and she is officially perfect! Hermana Montoya and I were ecstatic at her interview because it proved that our message is so simple that even a child CAN understand it. Watching her be baptized was one of the sweetest experiences of the mission that I’ve had yet. (Pictures to come soon;))
Wow oh wow do I have a sweet story to tell you all!!! Let me just say that when the Lord wants something he gets what he wants... I have never experienced a miracle like we had this last week. We have another special investigator named Celeste. She’s a little girl of just 12 years old but wow is she quick! Her moms a less active from another ward so we’ve been teaching them the lessons and she is just like a little sponge she absorbs everything so fast! She could teach you the restoration from the Lords earthly ministry through the great apostasy and into the first vision. She even remembers president monsons name! She’s great. Anyways, she’s going to be baptized this Saturday on the 27th. We have had like 17 miracles (ha-ha) getting her ready for the date. Some are small like she went out of town but got back before we thought she would so she could go to church, and others are real big! Like the one I want to tell you..... So my companion always carries with her the 20 minute movie of the restoration and we began looking for it so we could teach her about joseph smith, but it wasn’t in Hermana Montoya’s bag... we remembered that we watched it with another family that week but didn’t remember getting it out of their dvd. We searched and searched, even turning her bag upside-down and shaking it. It wasn’t there. She said a prayer in her heart that we could find it so that we could teach with the movie (because kids like movies ya know..). She reached in her bag again and there it was!! Just sitting there. What?! yep. Then we put it in the Dvd and hit play.. It began to play, in English..... nooo! They don’t speak English! We looked for the controller, but it didn’t work. We found NEW batteries, but it didn’t work. Then, and I literally have no idea how this happened the power of God right?, we hit play again. And it began to play, in SPANISH! With subtitles and everything. It was in English before I swear, I heard it, and I know English right? But it played in Spanish so that we could teach her exactly what meant RESTORATION. That was weird people, really weird but really incredible! 
Anyways, it was awesome! And we had a really great. week. I love you guys bunches and bunches and want you to know that I really am happy to be a missionary during Christmas. I love the Lord and I love my Family (and friends;) for those of you who read this). Merry Christmas!!!!!!! We´ll talk soon... for reals!!! Prayers from Costa Rica.
All My Love,
Hermana Kugath

P.S. I have a huge announcement!!!!!!! But I’m not going to tell ya until Christmas:) so remind me on the 25th!

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