Friday, January 9, 2015

222 Days

My Dearest Family...

Hola! I’m sorry this is the very first time I’ve written you all year, I’ve just been a little caught up haha. Bienvenido 2015!!!!! Is that crazy or what?? so weird that we’ve started a new year. and now it’s almost 12 months till Christmas again...... tristesa. anyways, wow this has been a long one. Its so weird how some weeks go by really fast and other seem to drag by like a turtle running a marathon.....

This week was super great for some reasons and super mal for others. Lets get all the bad stuff out first shall we? This week we last 2 families that we were working with....¨( awwwhh. Oscar, Verna and Jennifer were progressing so so fast! They were doing all their reading assignments and everything. Oscar would even invite us to kneel down to say the closing prayer after every lesson. But then something happened.... his brother, Javier moved in. I know what you’re thinking; no no this is a good thing! More people to teach right? Wrong. His brother is super super evangelico and absolutely denied and tried to negate everything that we said. This last week we went to visit them just to teach how they could receive their own answers. How their heavenly father, through the Holy Ghost, could give them their very own, personal answer to know for them selves if what we were teaching was true. The lesson started out really spiritual but then this man began to say all kinds of crazy things..... What was worse is that his brother was backing him up! Poor confused Oscar!! In the end we had to just leave because all they wanted to do was fight with us over basic doctrine like if god the father and his son are the same being (oh this is the thing that ticks me off the most!!!! father and son people father and son. its VERY self explanatory.) how if they already knew the bible was true they didn’t need more scripture (basically 2nd Nephi 29 to a tee) and how they didn’t have to pray because they already knew..... Like what? Are you dumb??? Of course you have to pray. First of all, what do you have to loose???? Absolutely nothing. What do you have to gain??? Oh yeah, a heck a ton of blessings, a forever family, and eternal life. Wow, some people. They just kill me! It was so horrible because this is a family that we loved so much and to see them like this was so, but so, sad. (There was one awful part when this man had the guts to tell us we need to study the scriptures more, stop teaching false doctrine and repent. oh you should have seen my companions face in that moment.......... ouch. this guy was about to go down.).

The second family we were just stopping by to see if they were reading their scriptures when the mom told us that they’d decided to go to a different church. One that was conveniently located 100 meters from her front door. She told us she liked us, but this pastor had said she should tell us to stop visiting them. She said she was sorry but this church was just easier for her. We looked her straight in the eyes and said Hermana we know you have a big family and its harder to get to the church where we go, but do you think that it was easy for Jesus Christ to suffer for your pains, your sicknesses and your sins and then to die for YOU on the cross?? Then why should it be easy to go to his church..... It was painful really, but it’s in the past and the lord knows when their missionaries will come and try again.

Now the good stuff!!!!! I got 4 letters this week! Who’s a popular Hermana? soy yo! haha. Thank you mommy, Jesse/Sam, Schmidt family and crest haven bishopric! I loved my letters, cards and pictures. I have to say I was a little bit more then prideful when I saw the absolutely gorgeous picture that MY DADDY took on our wards Christmas card. Holy smokes. Wow!! bein hecho papi! I also cried a little (in front of the whole zone!! que awkward) reading your sweet card mom. I loved it to bits and I felt so, so special. And I squealed (yes literally) in delight looking at the pictures of charlotte. It’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Que lindo! En serio wow.

2nd we had a sweet zone activity yesterday. It was like a huge water ballon fight plus soccer game. It was way sweet and one of the funnest days I’ve had in the mission so far. We played a lot and its stuff like that that helps you feel like a real part of the zone.

This week another missionary from our little ward here in Moravia headed out! Hermana Rodriguez!!!! (Marjorie) was a really big help to us these last few months. She would come teaching with us and sometimes spend the whole day with us. She was awesome and I know shell be super great in Mexico! It was so sweet to see her getting set apart and being the firsts to welcome her into la obra misional!

Anyways, I love you guys so much and am truly thankful for all the support i get from you. Physically and spiritually. I hope that every one has chosen a new years goal because in other words y'all just want to repent a little haha. That’s how we see new years, the whole world wants to repent and be a little better, for at least the first week or so.. But yeah, love y'all, prayers from Costa Rica!!

All my love,
Hermana Kugath

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