Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

My Dearest Familia......

Hey:) Sorry I’m running real short on time here today because there’s lots to do (and also I got 28 emails today, that’s right, who’s a popular sister missionary?;)) haha no but really I’m sorry this will be a short and sweet one so I can hopefully respond back to everyone. I hope everyone knows how grateful I am to be receiving your emails and letters! They mean so much to me, and I apologize if I can’t write you all back at once. But I keep your words in my head and heart and am forever grateful for your loving words of encouragement and counsel:).

This week we got to celebrate the baptism of Dilan! He’s a nephew of one of our members. His aunt is a convert too and even though no body from his immediate family is willing to support him (his mom didn’t even come to his baptism....:( ) he’s still courageous enough to take these steps. He holds on tight to the examples of his aunt and uncle, and though still a child, he knows what is right and wrong and wants to follow his savior Jesus Christ. He’s 9. 9 years old and he’s more converted to living the gospel then half the people I’ve ever met in my life! This is why Jesus has always taught us to be like the children, to follow their example. They may not "understand" all the doctrine and know the whys and how’s to every question, but they know what their Heavenly Father wants from them and they just do it.... Be more like the children and we’ll all be happier I promise. 

Another thought I was thinking this week... in the introduction to the book of Mormon it gives us 3 invitations. Read the book, think about it, and then pray to know if it’s true. As missionaries were very focused on 2 of the 3. Read and pray. I think as people in general were very focused on only 2... read and pray. But we always forget the 2nd step. Think! It’s the easiest one and we always forget it! If people would just use their blessed thinkers the church would have hundreds of more converts every weeks. One think I love about the church is that it JUST MAKES SENSE. It’s the only explanation with ALL the answers. We don’t go based off of the wicked traditions of our fathers; our doctrine isn’t founded by the precepts and desires of men. Christ has always invited people to ponder (this is why he taught in parables people!) and to really investigate what were taught. 

In the last conference elder Utchdorf (yeah I finally got the conference edition of the Liahona! one problem.... its all in Spanish...) gave us the process to unravel our own testimony of any doctrine. Read, ponder, pray and then live it! I hope that one day Everyone everywhere, but especially those who read this letter because your my own beloved family and friends, will put this process in action and really, really find out for yourselves. I love the gospel, I love being a missionary and I love my Savior. And I love all of you! Hope yall have a great week!! Prayers from Costa Rica...

All my Love,
 Hermana Kugath

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