Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Halloween Christmas

My Dearest, most Darling, Fabulous Family.....
yo les amo muchisimo! Its weird to think that in only 15 days I get to talk to you guys! I’ve been waiting for it for so long and yet its almost here! Yay. This has been a week rapidisima. I feel like I was just here writing but here I am again. This week was the end of the cambio and we anxiously awaited the news to see if wed be leaving to a new area. Hermana Montoya and I are still in Moravia!!!!! Our poor little hermanita guit was sent to Guanacaste and we dropped her off yesterday. In a way I’m relieved to still be here. I felt like I still had a specific purpose in this area and I’m excited to find out what our next project will be! Its a little interesting, but this cambio will be 8 weeks (2 months) instead of the normal 6 weeks so we don’t have to worry about being transferred until the first week of February. 
Wow.......... all I have to say is wow. I am the luckiest most loved missionary in the whole wide world!!! I have never seen a package as massive, as sweet or as absolutely heavenly as the one I received yesterday. wow wow wow. I felt like the little boy the Elder Christofferson talked about in the Christmas devotional. I got to celebrate all of MY favorite holidays too, in 30 minutes! That was the best and quickest birth-hallow-Christ-giving I’ve ever had) as I listened to (rocked out to?;)) Manheim Christmas steamroller I opened the Ziplocs and my heart feel like it was going to burst with happiness. All of my very favorite treats, the most beautiful skirts, the sweaters I was so badly in need of, and the mere desires of my heart. It was like someone read my heart and mind, wrote down everything I needed or only wanted and delivered the list to my mommy. Down to the very hair dye that I only dared dream about! The happiness I felt in those moments was overwhelming gratitude and love that can only be felt when they feel close to their family. I looked at the photos and read the sweet cards from the people that I love and need the most in my life and I felt their love from 35000 miles away. I haven’t read and looked at everything yet, but the things that meant the most to me were the sweet words of love and encouragement. My little brothers telling me that they think I’m the greatest missionary in the world... that my parents are proud of me... wow. I wish I could describe the joy I felt reading these little cards. What a miracle. And what a great way to motivate me to be a better missionary! 
Speaking of missioning.... this week was awesome. We’ve been working really hard and taking advantage of the holiday season to really rush the work along. One of our greatest tools is the new Christmas video El es la dadiva (he is the gift). I’m pretty sure you guys have seen it, but if not go watch it! It’s the most beautiful 2 minutes:) It talks about the first gift of Christmas... from our heavenly father to all of us. The gift of the life of his son. The whole movie is really inspirational but the part I like is at the very end. It gives us 3 invitations... discover, accept and share. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in Christmas that we forget its real importance... Christ  Mas. Mas in Spanish means more so it’s literally a season to have more Christ in our life. I’m so grateful to be here in these moments specifically. I’ve never been away from my family for a Christmas.... It’s been hard and it’s been different, but I’m grateful because I have the chance this year to bring Christ into the lives of other people in this beautiful time of year. People who don’t know him, who don’t know where to find him or people who simply don’t really understand what it is that he did, and does, for US. I heard a quote this week that I love. I’m not sure of the exact words but it goes something like this ¨We need to realize that in comparison with God, we are Nothing... BUT to him, we mean Everything.¨       We are everything. His purpose is clear, bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of us, His Children. I love Christmas. I love to see the looks on people’s faces when they receive surprises. I love the food, the decorations, the movies, and the family time. I love to give gifts and I know that the greatest gift we could give to our Dear Heavenly Father is to help his other children to accept His Gift, by accepting his son. This year I hope that everyone searches for the way to share this gift with someone else.  
The last thing I wanted to say was that I hope that nobody forgets that this is also a season of sacrifice. I’ve already seen it and benefitted from it myself... I know the sacrifice it was for you all to send me what you sent. I know it. I felt it. There shouldn’t have been money, time or energy sufficient to do this for me, but there was. Sacrifice is the evidence of real charity. Christ sacrificed for us, I sacrificed for the people of Costa Rica, my family sacrificed for me... the evidence is an overwhelming testimony of the love. I know that when we sacrifice we in return are blessed beyond what we sacrificed. I love you all so much and hope you know what your sacrifices have meant to me. I can’t ever pay you back sufficiently but I hope you know that I am beyond grateful to call you my family. I love and value each and every one of you more then you can know. You’re in my heart and prayers,
All my love,
Hermana Kugath

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